Walt Disney Home Video “Neon Mickey” variants and FBI Warning screens…

This clip contains three different variations of the Neon Mickey Walt Disney Home Entertainment ident, all taken from Betamax copies of Walt Disney Home Video products. The Neon Mickey ident was introduced in 1978 coinciding with the Walt Disney Company’s ventures into home video for LaserDisc through MCA DiscoVision and, in 1980, on video cassette rentals through Fotomat on both VHS and Betamax. The Neon Mickey logo would be used until about the mid 1980s on LaserDisc, CED VideoDisc, Beta, and VHS releases from Walt Disney Home Video. 1. Blue warning Neon Mickey, taken from “Goofy over Sports” 2. Red warning Neon Mickey, taken from “Dumbo” 3. Neon Mickey with previews, taken from “Cartoon Classics Volume 4” 4. Red and white warning Neon Mickey, taken from “From Pluto with Love”


Published: 9 years ago

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