Epic Mickey (Fake Trailer 2)

A second fake trailer for the upcoming video game, Epic Mickey, which involves Mickey Mouse being sucked into a twisted world he damaged by unleashing the Phantom Blot upon it. Mickey’s cartoon predecessor, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, is the king of the twisted world and wants to kill Mickey to take over his life. The concept looks very cool and exciting, and may reintroduce Disney to the darkness it once had in its films. Footage I used includes: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Sonic and the Black Knight, The Dark Is Rising, Sonic Heroes, Ace Lightning, Bleach, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Sonic Unleashed, Transformers 2, American McGee’s Alice, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Bridge to Terabithia, Hellboy II.


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Michey Mouse

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