The Greatest Play in Red Sox Yankee History

Wally is a devoted Boston Red Sox fan who marries into a family of New York Yankee lovers. Although warmly welcomed a number of years ago, family fun, feuds, rivalry, mayhem and sparks fly freely as Wally was constantly teased that the Boston Red Sox had never won a world series. That is until Wally and his family (now with 2 kids) turn the tables on the Yankee crew. Wally gets his revenge after the losing streak is broken not once but twice leaving the Yankee lovers a bit more humbled. Watch and enjoy the family fun and funny few minutes promoting family values and the best that life has to offer as Wally and his family share their story with all. Enjoy and please comment. Tell your friends, spread the good cheer and enjoy all that the season has to offer. A production of Marsal Studios ( sponsored by the Subway of Guilford


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Kids Videos

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