Silly Symphony Cartoons — The Country Cousin (October 31, 1936)

Alternate Titles France : Le Cousin de Campagne Germany : Der Vetter vom Land Swedish : Kusinen från landet Running Time 9:15 Synopsis — Abner is invited by his cousin Monty to leave Podunk behind and move to the big city. But he soon learns that the hidden dangers of big city life are not all they are cracked up to be. Characters — Abner Countrymouse Monty Citymouse Credits: Director — Wilfred Jackson Animation — Art Babbitt, Les Clark, Paul Allen, Johnny Cannon Sources — Based on a fable by Aesop, “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.” Cut Scenes — An extended sequence where the Country Mouse gets drunk was snipped out at one time. Awards — Academy Award winner (Short Subjects – Cartoons)


Published: 9 years ago

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