Learn To Play Baisc Taals Of Tabla – Indian Musical Instrument

Learn To Play Baisc Taals Of Tabla – Indian Musical Instrument. The Tabla is a drum from India and is most closely associated with Hindustani shastriya sangeet from North India. It is said that the Tabla came from the ancient double headed drum, the Pakhawaj. The repertoire and knowledge that the Tabla encompasses is as vast as the ocean and dates back to as far as 4000 years ago. This video is dedicated to the fond memory of the legendary Tabla player late. Ustad. Allah Rakha, the doyen of the Punjab gharana. Anand Ramanujam, one of his senior disciple makes learning the Tabla very simple and interesting, explaining the finer nuances of Tabla in the easiest way so that even a layman can follow it. Click on www.rajshrikids.com to watch more of these Animation videos and learn more.


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Indian Folk Tales

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