Karadi Tales – Karadi Rhmyes Volume 1 – Kids Animation

Watch Karadi Tales – Karadi Rhmyes Volume 1 – Kids Animation. In the first volume of Karadi Rhymes, Usha Uthup celebrates the essence of an Indian childhood. With songs about mangoes, bhelpuri, festivals and flowers, this unique album is filled with surprises. Rhymes that every Indian kid can relate to! These rhymes are about mangoes, not daffodils; bhelpuris, not apple pies; kites, not surfboards. Most importantly, these rhymes are not just for children – they’re for adults as well! These rhymes are set to simple Indian ragas and make for easy and fun learning. Sung magnificently by Usha Uthup, these rhymes are for you to sing with and dance to. Click on www.rajshrikids.com to watch more of these Animation videos and learn more.


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Indian Folk Tales

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