Animation Film – Bal Ganesh – Part 5 – Kids Animation Stories

Watch Mythological Animation Film – Bal Ganesh – Part 1 – Kids Animation Stories. The first to be worshipped at every occasion, Lord Ganesha epitomizes everything related to wisdom. Considered as a symbol of intelligence and a conveyer of good luck, He is believed to grant success, knowledge, power, fame and prosperity to all his devotees. The friendliest of gods to ever grace our dwellings, Lord Ganesh represents the perfect equilibrium between force and kindness and power and beauty.This adorable elephant headed god — Ganesh, finds his abode in the hearts of millions of devotees and continues to permeate their lives in most formidable ways. View an exciting animation movie depicting stories of the courage and wisdom of the beloved Lord Ganesh. Click to watch more animation Stories.


Published: 9 years ago

Category: Indian Folk Tales

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